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Watergate is a high-tech concept for water generation. The focus during development was on the Energy efficiency placed in order to do justice to our ideology and to make the water price affordable in the region.

"We're running out of water, we're creating something new"

The idea is to offer a concept that is as simple as it is ingenious.


The "Watergate" concept can drastically reduce energy costs thanks to its innovative design. In reality there is usually a need for water in dry, hot areas and thus the high ambient temperature will also increase the energy requirement. The principle of the modular system enables the Watergate building to be set up quickly and easily and the technical equipment can be easily installed by skilled staff. The usual electricity costs for a liter of water generation are around 500-700 watts / l of water in alternative systems. A real energy requirement of a water gate is around 70W / h per liter of water. This means that a Watergate reduces the usual energy requirement by 90% percent compared to the alternative products on the world market.


is a newly developed concept by Watergate for places where the small thirst should be quenched. The simple and small variable design makes it easy to place a hydro tower. Can be used as a general water dispenser in many industries, for example as a hotel service for guests who should not drink local water from the tap or in dry regions for patients in hospitals, office employees but also in schools etc.

The Hydro-Tower enables access to natural, cool drinking water. The condensation does not contain any chemical substances or residual taste from desalination. The water is also enriched with mineral stones. The portions are defined as 50ml.

he water generation is approximately between 48-96 liters of drinking water per day depending on the climatic conditions. A newly developed technology enables very low power consumption to be achieved. With the option of photovoltaics and suitable batteries, there are no permanent electricity costs, so the Hydro-Tower is 100% climate-neutral

Mobile watergate


The mobile Watergate Container System is a compact solution for urgently building up a water supply. This system can produce up to 400 l / day of fresh water. The mobility speaks in favor of this concept, even if the energy costs are slightly higher than with stationary systems.

The Watergate is a fully automatically controlled system that is installed in a new or used container. The cheaper option is the use of used containers. You protect the environment and reduce production costs.

Container is fully equipped with the necessary equipment including 6Kwp photovoltaics.


without container costs, excl. VAT, ex works

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Technical data mobile system:

dimencion: 40 / f Container 12×2.5x3m
weight: 10.000 kg
Anschluss: 400V 25A , Verbrauch /Tag: 14,6-18,6 kW 
Photovoltaik 6kWp
kontinuierliche Wassererzeugung: ca. 10-20 l / h
Product: Rainwater by condensation
Maintenance interval: 1 year
Usability: 20 years with maintenance
Water storage tank is needed

We move water

We sell the "IDEA" to save overall costs. Our concept is as simple as it is ingenious. We say what to do and provide information and the necessary components. They organize the suppliers and managers of their Watergate property from their region. That saves money and helps economically in your region.

You only need internet access and a power supply to ensure a permanent power of 5kw/unit (for 6 unit 30kw). Our goal is to buy as little as possible electrical energy from the grid.


A building object for many years

The concept as a structural object is intended as a fixed water supplier for many years. Thanks to the flexible modular system of a water gate, simple expansions with an adapted water generation are possible. There are many advantages associated with this variant, above all the energy efficiency is particularly high and consequential costs for electricity and maintenance are kept very low. This concept can generate up to around 8000 l / day of fresh water with just one chamber system.

The Watergate is fully automatically remote controlled and optimizes the system installed in a building. The use of modern components and energy-efficient parts protects the environment and reduces production costs.

Technical data Watergate:

1/2/3 Units

dimension: object L16m x B10/20/30m x H7.5m

Power supply: 230V 25A-50A

Consumption: 10-30 kW/h (without PV system)

Water production: approx. 8000/16000/24000 liters / day at 10-18 ml /sqm³.

Photovoltaik: 10/20/30kWp  Subsystem

Product: Rainwater by condensation

Maintenance interval: 1 year Lifetime: 35 years with maintenance

Tomorrow's innovations!

Watergate Rain Solution

 We are currently testing a new technology that no longer generates water through condensation


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