The gate to water

We are taking water to the dryest places on earth, where none other sources of water exist. Watergate is an efficient and ecofriendly alternative to get fluid water.


WATERGATE connects nature with technology.



Condensation is the foundation of "WATERGATE". That is the way, how the "WATERGATE" produces water.


Our task was to build the "WATERGATE" as easy as possible. To get a long durability through ecofriendly materials was our goal, likewise that our technical parts are not vulnerable and that the "WATERGATE" has a minor expenditure of energy.


Drinking water & industrial water for hotels, municipalitis ...

Energy efficient

Generate water with very low energy consumption


ab 50W/l 

Watt/Liter Wasser

Simple technology, large impact.

Because of the poper usage of the natural environment, "WATERGATE" is always efficient.

Not only rain brings water 

Our goal: defeat the drought with "WATERGATE".

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