The project

The "WATERGATE" project was founded at the end of the year 2018, because we realized, that water, which is available everywhere and anytime, will be a very important part of our future.

"Under the motto: We run out of water, we create something new"

At first, we built a test facility to collect a lot of insights to accomplish the best result.

The micro prototype showed us, how the facility has to look like, that it has a low energy use, but also a high water output. That is also the most problematic thing about "WATERGATE". The facility should produce water, no matter how high the temperature is, with low energy use. We had to go through a lot of different ideas, to find a feasible solution, but we made it. The conclusion: if it works small-scale, then it should be a lot easier with a bigger facility. So we built another prototype and tested it successfully.

Prototype "1"

In this video, you can see the condensation of prototype "1".

(Look carefully!)

The current prototype

Here you can see the emerging water inside the "WATERGATE".

The current prototype displays the emergence of water.


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