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Watergate is a high-tech concept for water generation. The focus during development was on the Energy efficiency placed in order to do justice to our ideology and to make the water price affordable in the region.
Energy efficiency in order to do justice to our ideology and to make the water price affordable in the region.

"We're running out of water, we're creating something new"

The idea is to offer a concept that is as simple as it is ingenious.


The "Watergate" concept can drastically reduce energy costs thanks to its innovative design. In reality there is usually a need for water in dry, hot areas and thus the high ambient temperature will also increase the energy requirement. The principle of the modular system enables the Watergate building to be set up quickly and easily and the technical equipment can be easily installed by skilled staff. The usual electricity costs for a liter of water generation are around 500-700 watts / l of water in alternative systems. A real energy requirement of a water gate is around 70W / h per liter of water. This means that a Watergate reduces the usual energy requirement by 90% percent compared to the alternative products on the world market.



 AUQADIN HYDROTOWER is a newly developed concept by Watergate for places where the small thirst should be quenched. The simple and small variable design makes it easy to place a hydro tower. Can be used as a general water dispenser in many industries, for example as a hotel service for guests who should not drink local water from the tap or in dry regions for patients in hospitals, office employees but also in schools etc.

AUQADIN HYDROTOWER allows access to a natural cool drinking water. The condensation does not contain any chemical substances or residual taste from desalination. The water is additionally enriched by mineral stones. The portions are defined as 50ml.

The water generation is between 8-16 liters of drinking water per day depending on the climate conditions. depending on the climate conditions. A newly developed technology makes it possible to achieve very low power consumption. With the option of photovoltaics and suitable batteries,there are no permanent electricity costs, so the AUQADIN HYDROTOWER ist 100% climate-neutral.

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raindrop concept

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Watergate Rain Solution

Project "Desert Rain"

We are currently testing a new technology that no longer generates water through condensation


The new Watergate concept "Desert Rain" is a system which no longer generates water using the principle of condensation, but instead uses a new technology to generate water droplets directly from the existing air. This system is intended as a structurally local water supplier for many years. There are many advantages associated with this concept, above all the energy efficiency is particularly high and is 90% water yield. The concept also promises very low energy consumption, which can mainly be covered by photovoltaics. Due to a special construction follow-up costs for electricity and maintenance are kept very low.

The Watergate is fully automatic remote controlled system. The use of modern components and energy-efficient components protects the environment and reduces production costs.

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