Condensation is the foundation of "WATERGATE". That is the way, how the "WATERGATE" produces water. You can see that incident also in the nature. This phenomenon appears in a few dry regions, especially in mountains. There are often sources of water, although there is no rain and the same way "WATERGATE" produces the water.

Our Vision

There are a lot of different facilities for condensation, but these ones need about 700 watt/hour to produce one litre of water, solely for cooling.

We thought about, how "WATERGATE" can produce water with little energy and high efficiency. After observations of the nature, we discovered simple coherences.




Our task was to build the "WATERGATE" as easy as possible. To get a long durability through ecofriendly materials was our goal, likewise that our technical parts are not vulnerable and that the "WATERGATE" has a minor expenditure of energy.


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