Our goal.

Our goal is to build a "WATERGATE" facility, which is as efficient as possible, to provide access to drinkable water for everyone. We would like to offer "WATERGATE" facilities, which are able to produce 2400 liter up to 24000 liter drinkable water per day. We implement our ideas environmentally friendly and energy-efficient and the best thing about "WATERGATE" is, that the "WATERGATE" is usable nearly all around the world.

"As long as water is available in abundance, this problem is unperceived."

Because of our individual facilities, a flexibility emerges unique for our costumers. We are also able to cover facilities for industrial water, which the industry or hotels are using. Right now they have to add a lot of chemical substances to make their water palatable, with "WATERGATE" they do not have to do this.

Another goal is to use "WATERGATE" in endangered dry regions, where fountains will be exhausted real soon. In these places we are going to fill up the water tanks with our "WATERGATE" facilities. Especially in spring and autumn our facilities are quiet energy-saving. This method is able to prevent a water scarcity, therefore it can allay sorrows from a lot of people around the world..

"We live water"

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